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Live at Campus

The public services of the Nuclear and Technological Campus are the following:

  • Meals
    Space meals (breakfast and lunch) inside the public canteen. The prices of the meals are affixed on the hall of the canteen. It still exists, in the Organic Units of the CTN, a small space where, by means of the payment of an established value, you may take coffee or tea.
  • Money Withdrawn
    It is possible to withdrawn from ATM of the Multibanco Box (CGD Banking Service) situated in the hall of the Administration Building.
  • Fax and Photocopy Machines
    Every Organic Unit has a photocopy and a fax device for general use. The interested parties must contact the local person in charge.
  • Scanner Device
    It is possible to use a scanner device in the Library of the CTN, under the supervision of Mrs. D. Luísa Oliveira (ext. 6070).
  • Office Supplies
    All kind of office material (pencils, dossiers, toners and so on) can be requested at the Organic Unit where the employee works.
  • Medical Cabinet
    CTN integrates a Medical Cabinet specialized in Medicine at Work that functions in proper installations, located in UPSR.
  • Waste Management
    CTN makes use of a Ecoponto for the retraction of chemical residues and bottles. All the information referred to its localization and procedures are posted on well visible places in the laboratories.


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