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How to get Here

Deslocação por viatura própria.

By car, follow the maps to A1-NORTE. Destiny: Bobadela/Sacavém.
Stopping place: Sacavém. There is a parking at Campus.
GPS Signal: Latitude/Longitude (38°48'41.06"N / 09° 5'36.10"W)

Ligação ao site da Rodoviária Nacional.At Areeiro, you may take a bus (RN company: bus 319 and bus 320). Destiny Vila Franca de Xira (via E.N. 10). Stopping place: Bobadela.

Ligação ao site da Carris de Lisboa.At Algés, you may take a tramway (Carris company).
Stopping place: Cais-do-Sodré/Praça da Figueira.
Changing place to underground or train (Stª Apolónia): take Azambuja Line.

Ligação ao site da Transtejo de Lisboa.At Montijo, you may take a boat (Transtejo company).
Stopping place: Praça do Comércio.
At Cacilhas, you may take a boat (Transtejo company).
                      Stopping place: Cais-do-Sodré.
                      At Trafaria and Porto-Brandão, you may take a boat (Transtejo company).
                      Stopping place: Belém.

Ligação ao site da CP.At Azambuja, you may take a train (CP company). Stopping place: Bobadela.
At Cascais/Sintra, you may take a train (CP company). Changing place to Azambuja line. Stopping place: Bobadela.
                      At Linha do Sul (Fertagus company), changing place to Azambuja line.

          Ligação ao site do Metropolitano de Lisboa. At Oriente Station, you must pick up a taxi to CTN (around 10€) or take the
                     train (see Azambuja Line). Also you may take the underground (Metro company)
                     changing place to all stations.

Ligação ao site da Carris de Lisboa. Bus (Carris company), changing place to Estação do Oriente.

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