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FAQS: Common Subjects


Q: What it is the Nuclear Energy?
A: To the energy associated with the modifications of the constitution of the nucleus of an atom is given to the generic name of nuclear energy. This energy can be freed during a process of radioactive disintegration or freed or absorbed during a nuclear reaction.

Q: Does CTN do the accreditation of installations using equipment or material producing ionizing radiations?
A: No. CTN does not have any legal attributions related with the accreditation of radiological installations (see more information).

Q: Is it possible to measure environmental and indoor radioactivity (private land) in "Miranda do Douro"?
A: The Monitoring of Environmental Radioactivity activity group of LPSR carries out the measurement of radon in buildings. Since November of 2003, there is a protocol established between LPSR and the DECO (Consumer Defender Organization) to answer upon request of measurement of surrounding radon for associates of the DECO.

Q: Which the maximum values of dose for an operator of an intensifier of image in a service of radiologia?
A: The legislation document n.º 9/90 (D.R. n.º 91, Series I, 1990-04-19), defines the dose limits. Summarizing: (a) For people professionally displayed, the limit of equivalent of efficient dose, related to any period of 12 consecutive months, is 50 mSv; (b) For members of the public, the limit of equivalent of efficient dose, related to any period of 12 consecutive months, is 5 mSv.


Q: May I visit the Campus?
A: Yes. If you are a student, you may program a group visit. Please consult the available instructions.
If you are not a student, you may visit the Campus in its "Open Doors Day", which usually takes place the 24th November (Science & Technology Day), each year. This information will be placed in section "News & General Information" of the website.

Q: May I frequent a fellowship at Campus?
A: Yes. If you are an undergraduate student, you may consult news of "Ciência Viva" Program, in the context of scientific occupation of young students in holidays time. If your are a graduated student, Ms or PhD, you may send an email to the Education Center, stating your name, your identification, your qualifications and the area of activity that you like most. In case of an available place you will be contacted. You should also be aware of CTN offers, placed in section "News and General Information" or "Vacancy Offers".

Q: May I search for bibliography at Library?
A: No. However, you may access a group of databases, internationally recognized, that provides you access to bibliographic references, abstracts and papers, all text or summaries of scientific publications. Direct access to databases is restricted to users, through any of the computers of this Campus.

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