Website Credits

Working Team

- Maria Teresa Pires, Informatics Specialist
(Center of Computation/Webmaster)

  • Project planning
  • Project designer
  • Project developer
  • Databases
  • Web maintenance

- Ana Cristina Faria, Graduated Technician
(Technical and Scientific Physics Secretariat)

  • Translation (Portuguese/English)
  • Coordination of semantic contents
  • Collaboration in validation of links and integration tests

- Nuno Barradas, Researcher
(3rd Commission Leader for the Internet Matters, 13 January 2006)

  • Coordination of semantic contents
  • Coordination of scientific contents
  • Coordination of web services

Former Commissions

  • Frederico Gama Carvalho, Senior Researcher
    (2nd Commission Leader for the Internet Matters, 23 June 2004 to 12 January 2006)
  • Rui Coelho da Silva, Researcher
    (1st Commission Leader for the Internet Matters, 15 February 1999 to December 2002)
    Analysis of the "Actual Situation of the IST/ITN’s Website": preparation of Annex I (2004).

(Note: Other researchers which integrated the 1st Commission: António Sequeira, Fernando de Carvalho, João Paulo Leal e José Marques)

Project Procedure

  • All group members work in parallel with the same goals.
  • Modules to be developed have to share the same database and offer the users, coherent interfaces at a graphic level and be functional. So, all members must work in a straight collaboration, planning and distributing work among each other, controlling at the same time their execution.


- Organic units

  • It is very important that all Groups of Activity participate and interact with this web project as follow:
  • Scientific corrections, every time new contents are made available to users in the fields of their specialization.
  • To promote and suggest the publication of new contents.
  • To alert the Group Leader for the existence of old/new contents to be replaced.