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Visits for Students

Normally, can be programmed only one visit per week, being the maximum number of visitors (including professors) of 60.

What to Visit

For each visit to Nuclear and Technological Campus and from a set of 8 possible areas of activity available, you may choose visit 3 of them:

  • Portuguese Research Reactor
  • Environmental Radioactivity
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Dating
  • Van de Graaff Accelerator and Implantor
  • X-Rays Laboratory
  • Radiological Technology Unit

Typical Program

  • Normally visits begins at 09h30* and can last 2/3 hours;
  • Visits include one short lecture after introductory. Then pupils are divided in groups that circulate between chosen buildings;
  • Each group of pupils must be followed by a professor.
*By means of request, the visit can begin at a different hour of the day.

More Information

  • A visit is conditioned by a vacant existence. So, an appointment should be made with anticipation relatively to the intended date;
  • With an anticipation of at least 1 week, relatively to the date of the visit, the School must send to the attention of Mrs. Isabel Campos a list of the visitors, including the respective identification number cards;
  • The professors who had never visited the Campus, are invited for a visit and for a colloquy with the Responsible of the Education Center, where are informed of the visiting rules.

N.B.: Please add (@ctn.tecnico.ulisboa.pt) manually to all email addresses.

Contact by Phone

  • Attendance: 9h00/13h00 - 14h00/17h00
  • Telephone: +351-21 994 6014
  • Fax: +351-21 994 6016

Before each appointment, please see our Calendar of Visits to choose an available date. Use the form available in Hot Topics.

For here, for a Virtual Visit.

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