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The Library inaugurated in mid-October 2002, is integrated in the Advisory Unit of the Administrative Services Area, occupying the new space created in the Administration Building. Today it is a privileged place, with a significant collection of books, scientific journals and other documents. Offers the following services:

  • loan of books and magazines;
  • procurement of documents from the outside for CTN users, on demand;
  • free access to most documents;
  • free access to software from the CTN net, and to the internet;
  • copy, printing and scanner self-service.

1. Infrastructures and Equipment

It is composed of the following infrastructures:

  • 1 reading room (floor 0), including a reception area, 16 reading tables and 32 seats, and 2 waiting halls;
  • 1 multimedia point (floor 0), with 2 computers available, a document scanner with adapter for transparencies, a microfilm reading device and one copy machine;
  • 1 archive zone (floor 0), where the books, documents and the scientific periodical publications width date after 1980 are stored;
  • 1 archive zone (floor -1): only periodic publications, with date before 1980.

2.  Annual Activities Reports

The CTN produces, in the scope of its normal activities, annual activity reports. The electronic ones are available below.

Later annual reports are only available in printed form. They are deposited in this Library. To obtain a paper photocopy or a electronic photocopy of these Annual Report, you should contact the person in charge (see contacts).

- Annual Reports: electronic format.

3. Triennial Activity Reports

Reports of triennial activities of the researchers of CTN, together with the respective assessment, are deposited in the Library. Researchers may ask the librarian a copy of the respective assessment in PDF.

3. External Databases

  • Access to the collective periodic publication catalogue from Portuguese Libraries (in Portuguese only). It encloses subjects in the field of social, natural and human sciences, and of engineering, covering the collections of periodical publications of more than 500 libraries that collaborate with the SID of the FCT;
  • Acess to the Observatory of Sciences, Technology and Higher Education (OCES), where national doctoral degrees awarded and in progress can be found;
  • Access to a set of internationally recognized databases (bibliographical reference, summary or integral text of scientific publications) as B-on, ISI Web of Knowledge, INIS.



- Databases: see below.