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  Radioactivity Measurements Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped for the measurement of a , b and g activities in environmental samples.

  • a - spectrometry systems
    MCB and software for the acquisition and treatment of a spectra (Maestro 3.2 for Windows 95, EG&G Ortec), with 18 silicon semiconductor detectors.
  • g – spectrometry systems
    Five MCBs, connected to one Ge(Li), one LEPS and five HpGe detectors, one of these being a well-type low-background detector.
    Software for spectra analyses, MAESTRO I and II (EG&G Ortec), SAMPO 90 (Canberra), SILGAMMA and GAMMAPLUS (Silena), as well as internally developed packages like GAMACTIV.
    Spectrometer equipped with a NaI(Tl) detector suited for automatic food samples analyses.
  • Total a/b counting systems
    Two low-background gas flow proportional counters, one of them with automatic sample exchanger, and one b low-background (0,5 cpm) gas flow G.M. type counter.
  • Liquid scintillation counter
    The Beckman LS 6500 Scintillation System is designed to provide highly accurate automated counting of the level of beta radioactivity in samples containing nuclides such as 3H.

Radioactivity Measurements Laboratory Radioactivity Measurements Laboratory  
Radioactivity Measurements Laboratory Radioactivity Measurements Laboratory