Scientific Topics

Medical Dosimetry

Tutorial Courses and Refresher Courses will be organized (daily).

  • Individual Dosimetry and Monitoring
  • Computational Dosimetry and Phantoms
  • Internal Dosimetry and Biokinetic models
  • Biodosimetry, Radiobiology and Retrospective Dosimetry
  • Dosimetry for Epidemiology
  • Environmental Dosimetry, radioactivity measurement and monitoring
  • Micro- and Nanodosimetry
  • Monte Carlo and hybrid methods in Dosimetry and Radiation Measurement
  • Radiation Protection and Dosimetry in Medicine
  • Radiation Protection and Dosimetry in Industry
  • Radiation Protection and Dosimetry in NORM industries
  • Dosimetry of radon exposures
  • Low dose and protracted exposures
  • Dosimetry in radiological and nuclear emergencies and accidents
  • Radiation Shielding and Dosimetry at Accelerators
  • Dosimetry in Space applications
  • Neutron Dosimetry
  • Nuclear Data and Evaluation