Time Schedule


  • Oral sessions;
  • Poster sessions - Size: 84,1 x 118,9 cm (A0);
  • Workshops, tutorials and training courses;
  • Discussion panels.

Duration: The Conference will have a duration of 5 days with a total amount of about 10-12 different sessions (to be defined).

Duration of each oral session: 1.5 hours.

The organisation and format of the different sessions will obey the following rules:

  • 2 organisers, preferably members of the Scientific Committee, will act as co-chairs of each session, and will have as main tasks: a) the definition of the session programme, b) to solicit contributions from specialists in the topic of the corresponding session.
  • Oral communications per session:
    - 1 "keynote"/invited presentation (20' to 30' duration), by an expert;
    - Discussion: 10' to 15' minutes.
  • Workshops (groups of 8-10 people) for 'case-study' discussions.