Registration Fees

Dear Author and/or Participant in ICDA-3,

When register to the ICDA3 Conference, please note that the attendance of the Workshops (two, during Sunday) and Refresher Courses (organized daily) are subjected to the following rules:

  1. Only those who have registered and paid the Courses/Workshops registration fee (50€ or 75€) are entitled to attend;
  2. The payment of the Courses/Workshops registration fee entitles attendance of ANY Workshop and Refresher Courses, without limitations.

The registration fee includes lunches, coffee breaks and participation in the Conference dinner*.

Fee (EUR) before 15 March 2019 after 15 March 2019
Full participants (IRPS members) 500 600
Full participants (non-members) 550 650
Students(IRPS members) 225 275
Students (non-IRPS members) 250 300
Courses/Workshops registration fee
(additional to the full registration fee)
50 75
Accompanying persons 150 200

*Note: Dinner is included in the full registration fee (only).

Registration form and details: follow this link.