Curriculum Vitae

Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias Nucleares (C2TN)


Name: Maria Isabel
Surnames: Garrido Prudêncio
Born: 26-06-1956, Mozambique
Nationality: Portuguese

Phone: +351-21 994 6223
Fax: +351-21 994 6185
E-mail: iprudenc (add


  • 2005 - Habilitation, Aveiro University, Portugal.
  • 1993 - PhD in Geology (Mineralogy and Petrology), Minho University, Portugal.
  • 1979 - Graduation in Geology, Faculty of Sciences, Lisbon University, Portugal.

Professional Employment Career

  • Since 2018 – Coordinator Researcher, IST.
  • 2005-2018 – Principal Researcher with Habilitation, ITN, IST.
  • 1999-2005 – Principal Researcher, ITN.
  • 1987-1999 – Auxiliary Researcher, ITN.
  • 1980-1987 – Research Assistant, ITN.
  • 1978-1980 – Research Trainee, Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear (ITN).

Professional Affiliations

  • International member: International Association of Geochemistry; Clay Minerals Society; Editorial Board of the Journal of Archaeology and the Journal of Sedimentary Environments.
  • National member: Sociedade Ibérica de Arqueometria; Associação Portuguesa de Argilas; Grupo de Geoquímica; Sociedade Geológica de Portugal.

Main Scientific Area of Research

  • Nuclear methods of chemical analysis (INAA) and luminescence dating (TL and OSL) – development and applications on Culture Heritage and Environment.
  • Geochemistry and mineralogy of the earth surface environments.
  • Rare earth elements.
  • Geological resources (primary and secondary).
  • Archaeometry – movable and immovable cultural assets.
  • Responsible of the instrumental neutron activation analysis laboratory at CTN (comparative method)

Scientific Works

  • Supervision of PhD theses, MSc theses and graduating students.
  • Coordinator of several projects in the field the application of nuclear methods to archaeometry (movable and immovable cultural assets), earth surface and environmental geochemistry, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, luminescence absolute dating methods and related fields.
  • Organizer of national and international conferences, colloquia and workshops in the fields of Archaeometry, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Secondary Processes, Environment, and Development and Application of Nuclear Methods and Luminescence Dating.

Selected Publications

  • CORISCO, J.A.G., MIHALÍKA, J., MADRUGA, M.J., PRUDÊNCIO, M.I., MARQUES, R., SANTOS, M., REIS, M. (2017). Natural radionuclides, rare earths and heavy metals transferred to the wild vegetation covering a phosphogypsum stockpile at Barreiro, Portugal. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 228-235.
  • SILVA, F., GANO, L., CAMPELLO, M.P.C., MARQUES, R., PRUDÊNCIO, M.I., ZAMBRE, A.,  UPENDRAN, A., PAULO, A., KANNAN, R. (2017). In Vitro/In Vivo "Peeling" of Multilayered Aminocarboxylate Gold Nanoparticles Evidenced by a Kinetically Stable 99mTc-label: Implications for Glutathione-mediated Drug Release. Dalton Transactions 46, Issue 42, 14572-14583.
  • MARQUES, R., PRUDÊNCIO, M.I., WAERENBORGH, J.C., ROCHA, F., FERREIRA DA SILVA, E., DIAS, M.I., MADEIRA, J., VIEIRA, B.J.C., MARQUES, J.G. (2016). Geochemical fingerprints in topsoils of the volcanic Brava island, Cape Verde. Catena 147, 522-535.
  • ODRIOZOLA, C.P., VILLALOBOS-GARCÍA, R., BURBIDGE, C., BOAVENTURA, R., SOUSA, A.C., RODRÍGUEZ-ARIZA, O., PARRILLA-GIRALDEZ, R., PRUDÊNCIO, M.I., DIAS, M.I. (2016). Distribution and chronological framework for Iberian variscite mining and consumption at Pico Centeno, Encinasola, Spain. Quaternary Research 85, 159-176.
  • PRUDÊNCIO, M.I., ROLDÁN, C., DIAS, M.I., MARQUES, R., EIXEA, A., VILLAVERDE, V. (2016). A micro-invasive approach using INAA for new insights into Palaeolithic flint archaeological artefacts. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 308, 195-203.
  • PRUDÊNCIO, M.I., VALENTE, T., MARQUES, R., BRAGA, M.A.S., PAMPLONA, J. (2015). Geochemistry of rare earth elements in a passive treatment system built for acid mine drainage remediation. Chemosphere, 138, 691–700.
  • CABO VERDE, S., SILVA, T., CORREGIDOR, V., ESTEVES, L., DIAS, M.I., SOUZA-EGIPSY, V.,  ASCASO, C., WIERZCHOS, J., SANTOS, L., PRUDÊNCIO, M.I. (2015). Microbiological and compositional features of green stains in the glaze of the Portuguese "Great View of Lisbon" tile panel. Journal of Materials Science 50, 6656–6667.
  • MARQUES, R., PRUDÊNCIO, M.I., WAERENBORGH, J.C., ROCHA, F., DIAS, M.I., RUIZ, F., FERREIRA DA SILVA, E., ABAD, M., MUÑOZ A.M. (2014). Origin of reddening in a paleosol buried by lava flows in Fogo island (Cape Verde). Journal of African Earth Sciences, 96, 60–70.
  • TRINDADE, M.J., PRUDÊNCIO, M.I., BURBIDGE, C.I., DIAS, M.I., CARDOSO, G., MARQUES, R., ROCHA, F. (2014). Study of an aplite dyke from the Beira uraniferous province in Fornos de Algodres area (Central Portugal): trace elements distribution and evaluation of natural radioactivity. Applied Geochemistry, 44, 111–120.
  • RICHTER, D., DIEGO E.A., DIAS, M.I., PRUDÊNCIO, M.I., GOUVEIA, M.A., CARDOSO, G.J. BURBIDGE, C.I., ZILHÃO, J. (2014). Heated flint tl-dating for Gruta da Oliveira (Portugal): dosimetric challenges and comparison of chronometric data. Journal of Archaeological Science, 41, 705-715.
  • REBÊLO, L., COSTAS, S., BRITO, P., FERRAZ, M., PRUDÊNCIO, M.I., BURBIDGE, C.I. (2013). Inprints of the 1755 tsunami in the Tróia Peninsula shoreline, Portugal. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 65, 814-819.
  • SILVA, T.P., FIGUEIREDO, M.O., PRUDÊNCIO, M.I. (2013). Ascertaining the degradation state of ceramic tiles: a preliminary non-destructive step in view of conservation treatments. Applied Clay Science, 82, 101–105.
  • MARQUES, R., PRUDÊNCIO, M.I., ROCHA, F., CABRAL PINTO, M.M.M.S., SILVA, M.V.G., FERREIRA DA SILVA, E. (2012). REE and other trace and major elements in the topsoil layer of Santiago island, Cape Verde. Journal of African Earth Sciences 64, 20–33.
  • PRUDÊNCIO, M.I., DIAS, M.I., WAERENBORGH,J.C., RUIZ, F., TRINDADE, M.J., ABAD, M., MARQUES, R., GOUVEIA, M.A. (2011). Rare earth and other trace and major elemental distribution in a pedogenic calcrete profile (Slimene, NE Tunisia). Catena 87, 147–156.
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