Curriculum Vitae

Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias Nucleares (C2TN)


Name: João Guilherme
Surnames: Martins Correia
Born: 21-01-1962, Portugal
Nationality: Portuguese

Phone: +351 21-994 6086
Fax: +351 21-994 6285
E-mail: guilherme.correia (add or (CERN)


  • 1989-1992 – Ph.D in Applied Nuclear Physics; Classification: A (Magnum Cum Laude),  "Applications of the e--γ Perturbed Angular Correlation technique at the ISOLDE-CERN".
  • 1987-1989 – M.Sc in Applied Nuclear Physics; Classification: A (Very Good), "Study of the electric field gradient temperature dependence on the 181TaBe system".
  • 1981-1986 – Physics Degree at the Lisbon University; Classification: 15/20 (Good).

Professional Employment Career

  • 2005-today – Principal Researcher, Group of Materials Characterization with Radioactive Nuclear Techniques (MCRNT) (IBL), Unit of Physics and Accelerators, ITN [see also] (ITN became part of the Technical University in March 2012, adopting the short name IST/ITN).
  • 2001-2005 – Invited Researcher, Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear (ITN), Sacavém, Portugal.
  • 09/1990-12/1990 – Operator of the CERN syncro -cyclotron (SC).

Fellowships and Training


  • 1998-2000 – Post-Doc at CERN with a scholarship from Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear (FCT CERN projects)
  • 1995-1998 – Post-Doc at CERN with a Portuguese scholarship, FCT/PRAXIS XXI/BPD/4180/94
  • 1993-1995 – CERN fellowship at the ISOLDE experiment.
  • 1989-1992 – FCT fellowship for performing Ph.D work.
  • 1987-1989 – FCT fellowship for performing M.Sc work.


  • 1998 – C++ for Physicists, CERN school December 1998.
  • 1998 – Introduction to Radiation Protection, CERN school February 1998.
  • 1997 – Joint Universities Accelerator School: Accelerator Physics; 05-01-1997/04-02-1997.
  • 1996 – Materials Aspects of High Tc Superconductivity, 10 Years After the Discovery, NATO ASI School; Delphi, Greece, 19-31 August 1996.
  • 01-09-1990/31-12-1990 – Operator of the CERN syncro -cyclotron (SC).

Membership of Professional Societies

  • 2008-today – Member of the Organising Committee of the Hyperfine Interaction / Nuclear Quadrupole Interaction (HFI/NQI 2010) conference to be held at CERN on September 2010.
  • 2005-today – Member of the Nuclear Quadrupole Interactions (NQI) Conference Committee.
  • 2001 – Convener of the Chapter 5 Material Analysis within the subject "Atomic and Condensed Matter Physics" in the NuPECC report "Impact and Applications of Nuclear Science in Europe#".

Scientific Specialization

  • Physics – material physics research with radioactive nuclear techniques.

Main Scientific Area of Research

  • My mission, while principal researcher of ITN, is to assure the functioning & maintenance of the Portuguese research infrastructure at CERN-ISOLDE while coordinating the execution of approved projects & experiences, the formation and orientation of students and the conclusion of the R&D work that have permitted the evolution of our activities in the specific domain of material physics research with radioactive nuclear techniques.

Participation in Projects

Funding projects: from 1999 to today

  • Responsible researcher of the projects that keep the Portuguese infrastructure and groups running at CERN-ISOLDE. These are approved upon international refereeing, ruled by Fundação de Ciência e Tecnologia, Portugal (see annex below);

Project for young researchers, JNICT/Portugal:

  • "Processing and Characterisation of Thin Films with Ion Beams and Hyperfine interactions”, 01-01-1996 to 31-12-1998, PBICT/C/CTM/1891/95 15k€ / year evaluation – approved very good.

Scientific Works

  • Ph.D Thesis (Applied Nuclear Physics): "Applications of the e--γ Perturbed Angular Correlation technique at the ISOLDE-CERN" (University of Lisbon).
  • Author or co-author of 100 original publications in Refereed Journals, of which 3 invited Reviews.
  • 34 lectures, oral presentations and communications to national and international meetings.

Selected Publications

  • M. L. Lopes, J. P. Araujo,V. S. Amaral, J. G. Correia, Y. Tomioka, and Y. Tokura “New Phase Transition in the Pr1-xCax MnO3 System: Evidence for Electrical Polarization in Charge Ordered Manganites” Physical Review Letters 100 (2008) 155702.78.
    Journal impact factor: 7.435 (5 year), Citations: 38.
  • U. Wahl, J.G. Correia, S. Decoster, T. Mendonça “Direct evidence for Sb as a Zn site impurity in ZnO” Applied Physics Letters 94 (2009) 261901/1-3.
    Journal impact factor: 3.817 (5 year), Citations: 16.
  • S. Decoster, S. Cottenier, B. De Vries, H. Emmerich, U. Wahl, J.G. Correia, A. Vantomme, “Transition metal impurities on the bond-centered site in Ge” Physical Review Letters 102 (2009) 065502/1-4.
    Journal impact factor: 7.435 (5 year), Citations: 14.
  • L.M.C. Pereira, U. Wahl, J.G. Correia, S. Decoster, M.R. da Silva, J.P. Araújo, and A. Vantomme “Direct identification of interstitial Mn in heavily p-type doped GaAs and evidence of its high thermal stability”, Applied Physics Letters 98 (2011) 201905/1-3.
    Journal impact factor: 3.817 (5 year), Citations: 7.

Other Publications