Abstract Submission

Please see the template sample first only for layout and formatting examples.


All abstract submissions to SMMIB2017 should be entered through the submission portal below. The abstract title, the authors and their affiliation should be entered in the corresponding fields. Please provide a title that describes the nature of your presentation in no more than 15 words. In the title, do not use acronyms or abbreviations. We kindly ask the authors to select the conference topics which are most closely linked to their contribution. The corresponding person should be chosen within the authors.

The length of an abstract is limited in one A4-paper page. The absolute maximum length of the bulk text of the abstract is 2000 characters, including spaces, punctuation and references (use only MSFT Word for "Word Count"). Choose plain text content with regard to the abstract text and paste it directly into the field of the submission form (if you decide to use Word as you editor, check as your symbols appear after submission. You can edit your abstract afterwards). Spell out Greek characters, as they could not be retained (if you use them a lot, it should be good idea to send your abstract also by email in the original format (see email below). We will appreciate!). Figures and tables cannot be included. References, when needed, should be indicated using square brackets [1], in order of appearance in the abstract. All references are listed in numerical order at the bottom of the text. If the conversion of your abstract fails, please specify your problems and we will then take care of them.

Please indicate your preferred type of presentation (oral/poster). However, it is up to the Program Committee to make the final selection of oral presentations. Invited speakers should choose the appropriate option when submitting their abstract. Late abstracts will not be accepted. If any issue arises during the abstract submission process, please contact us (smmib2017@ctn.tecnico.ulisboa.pt). 

An abstract book is provided to participants on-site.


- Call for Abstracts: November 2016
- Abstract EXTENDED submission deadline: March 2017, 31st April 17th
- Abstract acceptance notification: April 2017, 30th