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The 13th International Symposium on Crystalline Organic Metals, Superconductors and Magnets (ISCOM2019) will take place in Tomar, Portugal, from September 22 (Sunday) to September 27 (Friday), 2019.

The venue for the symposium is the Hotel dos Templários, located in Tomar, a small historical town in the central region of Portugal, known also by its Templar Castle and Convent of the Knights of Christ, recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1983.

The Convent of the Order of Christ, Tomar, Portugal.

The Convent of Christ is known by the famous window in the Manueline style, the reproduction of which can be found in every architectural book devoted to the Portuguese late Gothic. People say that in the 19th century the Brits suggested writing off the whole debt of Portugal to Great Britain in exchange for this window. The window is still here, which means that the Portuguese rejected the proposal. You might ask what is so special about it, and why did England long to get it?

The window is more unusual rather than beautiful; moreover, it is huge, much bigger than you could imagine. Give your attention to these details: the waves of nautical ropes, marine plants, navigational instruments, the symbol of Christianity, and the Knights Templar’s Red Cross. There is a legend that under the decoration of the Manueline window in Convento de Cristo in Tomar during the period from 1510 to 1513, a plan of Portuguese world domination was codified by the Templars and King Manuel I. Here is the answer to the question, why did the greatest marine empire need it? Sole dominion over the world was the ultimate goal of Great Britain always.

The walls of the primary Templars’ fortress in Portugal look just as monumental now as they did in the 12th century. Had it not been for the construction of the Templars Grand Master’s residence, Tomar would never have become a city. In 1357, Tomar was announced the capital of the Order. Nowadays, those massive walls with the familiar loopholes are fractionally preserved, but there is not much left of the primary castle of the Knights Templar. It is either ruins or reconstructed buildings which became a part of the monastery.

The unconventional Round Church Charola is under restoration, and you may evaluate its magnificent floridly decorations thoroughly. As you might guess, this style was named in honor of King Manuel I during the reign of whom the residence of Templars was most actively decorated.

The present structure of the Convent of Christ in Tomar poses eight cloisters of the different epochs. All together, half of them were closed for reconstruction. Each king built something new here, and on the whole it worked out grandiosely.

Further information and aereal sight video about Tomar here.

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