How to reach Tomar

Tomar is about 120 Km North of Lisbon and the ISCOM venue, Hotel dos Templários, is located close to the centre of Tomar. Participants can easily reach Tomar from Lisbon preferably using the ISCOM2019 shuttle bus (included in registration fee) or different public transportation services including train and bus.



An exclusive shuttle bus service from Lisbon Airport to the Hotel dos Templários in Tomar on September 22nd and return on 27th September will be offered to registered participants. On 22th September, the first bus is expected to departure from Lisbon Airport to the Hotel at 14h30 and the last one at 19h00. On 27th September the first bus leaving the Hotel towards the Lisbon Airport is expected to be at 12h30 and the last one at 14h30. The travel time is about 80 minutes. The precise schedule and further details about these shuttle buses will be announced later. Participants interest in this service are requested to fill this reservation form and send it to by e-mail to the .

The meeting point for the shuttle bus is in the ground floor of the airport (arrivals - see map above).


Additional options to travel to Tomar from the airport is to use public BUS or TRAIN transportations. The guide to travel from Lisbon to Tomar by public transport provides detailed information about fares, links to timetables and stations.


Train can be a better option for those who miss the ISCOM shuttle bus, because trains run until later in the evening, and the train station at Oriente is closer to the airport and easier to reach. Take the subway at "Aeroporto" and exit at the third stop "Oriente" (details of Subway system can be found here). After reaching "Oriente" station follow the Railways signs to the railway station in the upper level. Tomar train station is terminal of the line and we advise to take a Taxi to the Hotel, located ~1.5 Km from the train station.


The bus trip to Tomar cost around 10€ and has the duration of 1h45m with one stop between Lisbon and Tomar. However buses do not run until very late. In order to reach the BUS terminal in Lisbon at Sete Rios, you may travel through the Subway system between the "Aeroporto" and "Jardim Zoológico" stations (Blue Line). After reaching "Jardim Zoológico" station follow the Suburban bus signs in order to reach the BUS terminal. After reaching Tomar we advise everyone to take a Taxi to the Hotel, located ~1.5 Km from the BUS terminal.


If you travel by car, from Lisboa you can easily reach Tomar and the conference Hotel in short time, through highways A1, A23 and A13. A taxi costs approximately 130€.

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