Scientific Scope

The ISCOM symposium will attract scientists across the world to present the latest advances and discuss future prospects of research on all aspects of chemistry, physics and engineering of crystalline molecule based materials, namely including the following topics: 

  • Synthesis of New Molecules and Molecular Materials
  • Molecular Superconductors
  • Molecular Magnets, Spin Liquids, Single Molecule Magnets
  • Molecular Dirac Electron Systems
  • Molecular π-d Systems
  • Single-component Molecular Conductors
  • Molecular Multiferroics
  • Molecular Spintronics
  • New Functional Materials
  • Physics of Low Dimensional Molecular Materials
  • Electron Correlation in Molecular Materials
  • Dielectric Properties of Molecular Materials
  • Non-equilibrium Phenomena in Molecular Materials
  • Basic Science for Devices Based on Molecular Materials
  • Photo-induced Phenomena in Molecular Materials
  • Theory, Modeling, and Computation

Main Sponsors

Organization Contacts

CTN, Instituto Superior Técnico
Estrada Nacional 10 (km 139,7)
2695-066 Bobadela LRS

Local Secretariat

Mrs. Patrícia Russo
Telephone: +351-21994 6183
Chair: +351-21994 6171