Abstracts Submission

- Abstracts submission online remains OPEN  for poster presentations until August 15th.


Reports of new work in any of the topics covered by this Conference are invited for either oral or poster presentation. Authors are requested to indicate their preference topic. Submissions not accepted for oral presentation will be considered for acceptance as posters.

Abstracts will be reviewed and authors will be informed of provisional acceptance or rejection of the contribution, as oral or poster presentation during early June, 2019. Abstracts submitted after April 30, 2019, will be considered as late abstracts only for poster presentations, and their acceptance after 15 August will depend on available logistic.

Only one submission per participant can be accepted. Acceptance of the contribution becomes effective after payment of the registration fee by the presenting author.

Please use the Microsoft Word downloadable template below, rename it as "abstract_name.doc" (name = presenting author name, eg. abstract_einstein.doc) and follow the instructions given:

  • The abstract should be 1 pages long (maximum) in the A4 standard format, portrait layout, top margin 3cm, bottom, left and right margins 2.5cm.
  • Use Times New Roman or Times Roman font. The title font size is 14 points, bold, centered and two lines maximum. After the title leave a blank line, 12 points size.
  • The authors list is 12 points font size, bold, centered and the presenting author underlined. Leave a blank line, 12 points font size, separating the authors from the affiliations.
  • Affiliations list is 11 point font size, italic and centered. A full postal address (including, if available, the e-mail) should be given at least for the presenting author (name underlined).
  • A blank line, 12 points font size, separates the affiliations list from the main text. The main text is written in 12 points font size, one-column format. Single spacing is used throughout the abstract.
  • The text should describe in a clear and concise way the work to be presented. The use of figures, tables and schemes is encouraged to help the understanding of the work. References are indicated in the text by Arabic numbers between square brackets [1] and should be listed at the end of the text using standard Science Citation Index format. Captions and references, if necessary, are written in 10 points, font size.
  • Please indicate whether you are submitting your abstract for an oral or a poster presentation and chose a topic.

Submit the Microsoft Word file containing the abstract in the Abstract Submission Form, here.

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