About Tomar

Tomar is an intriguing and fascinating Portuguese town, which should be included in any tour of centre Portugal. Today it maybe a charming and quaint town but during the 13th century Tomar was one of the most influential towns of the Iberian Peninsula, being the religious centre for the Knights Templar. This secretive and powerful religious order once ruled from the Convento de Cristo, and this expansive religious complex is regarded as one of Portugal’s finest national monuments.

The town of Tomar is very scenic; set along the banks of the Nabão River and filled with ancient churches, pretty cobbled streets and traditional houses. There is a lot to see in Tomar and the town makes for a great destination as part of a tour of central Portugal. This guide will provide an introduction to Tomar and provide links to further in-depth information.

Highlights of Tomar

The ancient Convento de Cristo which is part castle, part convent and is steeped in a mysterious history.

The charming Praça da República, with gothic architecture, and traditional houses.

The quirky Museu Dos Fosforos, which exhibits the world’s largest collection of match boxes.

Why Stay Longer in Tomar?

All of the sights of Tomar can be seen within one day but an extended stay would allow time to visit the beautiful Almourol castle. This mediaeval castle stands on the banks of the Rio Tajo and is one of the most scenic castles of Portugal. Almourol was used by the Knights Templar as a strong hold on the frontier between the Christians and the North African Moors. Tomar has a pleasant relaxed ambience and is the perfect destination to unwind and absorb the Portuguese way of life.

What's the best sight in Tomar?

The unique circular Charola church is at the heart of the Convento de Cristo and is the finest monument in Tomar. The church was constructed in a circular design that follows the design of the great temples in Jerusalem and the interior is decorated with some of the most elaborate and intricate 16th century religious art found in Portugal. For a guide to the sigths of Tomar please click here.

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See also Tomar city plant (bilingue) from Tourism Office


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